“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change” -Albert Einstein

Available in-person, by phone or video conference.

Change iQ was created to guide individuals and families through their unique decision tree of what is and what’s next. Our work is focused on the present and future to:

  • Improve your performance (where do you want to be and how will you show up)

  • Give feedback (what information do you want/need to make an informed decision)

  • Inspire new ways of thinking and being (create solutions and steps)

Change is inevitable and can be difficult; this is particularly true when our options are unclear. Sarah assists and supports individuals through the challenges, opportunities, and roller coaster of emotions that occur in our life stages. We have choice in how we move forward.

Change iQ Experience

  • Advice & expertise when you need it

  • Motivation & brainstorming when you are stuck

  • Insight, action plans & accountability

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