Guidance for Our Ages & Stages



Personal Coach

Holistic approach to providing support and creating steps for success. This is an avenue to explore and define your goals, improve your performance, and shift your mindset. As your coach, Sarah asks thought-provoking questions, gives feedback, and assists you in creating an action plan for your desired change.

Separation/Divorce Coach/Consultant

Guidance through the dissolution process with help looking at options through a clearer lens. Our work focuses on managing emotions, strategies for meetings (with your soon-to-be-ex, attorneys, and/or mediators); action plans to set you up for success during and after divorce. Coaching can help you identify better solutions, minimize the impact on your children, and save you money.

A good fit for individuals:

  • Considering separation or divorce

  • In the divorce process

  • Dealing with co-parenting issues

  • Striving to better understand their child’s perspective and how to best support them

Parent Coach/Consultant 

Parent Coaching is an innovative way to offer on-going family support and parent education using decades of research on families and children, emerging neurobiology and interpersonal communication skills. Our time is spent finding practical tools for parenting challenges customized to your family. The focus is on connection and resolution instead of power struggles and frustration.

Communication Coach/Consultant

Communication is often cited as the biggest issue in relationships. Yet, when conflict arises, it often requires more communication expertise. We’ll sort out differences in motivation/expectations, drama triangle versus presence dynamic and grounded responses. Personal accountability, interpersonal skill and knowledge are our focal points.


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